Community is at the heart of what we do at Black & Irish, and one of our core aims is to foster the Black and mixed race community within the larger Irish society. This community is open to all who identify as Black, African, Caribbean and Afro-Latinx living on the island of Ireland. It serves as a welcoming and open space for people to connect, share and get involved in decisions that affect the community.

Community Channel

We’ve built a new community membership channel as a way to ensure that we’re reaching and engaging with people within the community! If you are part of the community, join to:

  1. Bring your concerns by participating in forums and discussions relating to topics that affect the community 
  2. Accessing community initiatives and connecting with others within the community 
  3. Access to early-bird tickets to events, regular updates

The Lived Experience
of Our Community

Share your Black and Irish Story

Learn more about our projects

The Black & Irish Book

Black and Irish: Celebrating Black Irish Legends, Trailblazers, and Everyday Heroes: A collection of 25 stories of Black and Irish people from throughout history up to the present day written for Young Adults.

Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month with Black & Irish! Every year, we take time during Black History Month to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of our community. Contact us about talks or events in your workplace or school. 

Our Community Connections

If you are a community organisation and would like to collaborate with us, please contact us at

The Black and Irish Gala (BIG) Awards

Our annual BIG Awards™ acknowledge and celebrate the work of our community. Join us in December when we take a moment to shine a light on the best and brightest of the Black and Irish community.

Our Community

A collection of moments from our community.

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