Education is the foundation for creating a society that is made up of people who display empathy, acceptance and a deep understanding of inclusion and its effect on belonging on a consistent basis. In order to help Ireland live up to its reputation of cead mílle fáilte, we must ensure that everyone is taught in such a way that encourages an understanding of and respect for the diversity that is around them.

Our Education Projects

Bias and Racism Awareness

  • Did you know that 94% of Black students and students of colour in Ireland have experienced racism in schools?
  • We offer 2 hour introductory workshop to build awareness and understanding on bias and racism, black history and the black and Irish experience.

Awareness Talks

  • Interested in hosting an event for your organisation or school?
  • We offer both in-person and virtual talks on the Black and Irish Experience, Allyship, and more.

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Helpful information about:
Talking to your kids about race and racism, How to be an ally and Anti-racist book suggestions for children

Inclusive Curriculum

Research shows that all students benefit when the school curriculum is inclusive, not just those from minority backgrounds. We are currently delving further into our research on the need for a more inclusive school curriculum. Read our 2021 report on the need for an inclusive curriculum here:

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